About Thyme

Imagine ...

Adventuring down the lakeside waterways before arriving at your own private island oasis.

Exploring the lush green jungle style garden, watching out for butterflies and listening to the sounds of the birds soaring above.

Discovering magical viewpoints around the island, perfect for viewing monkeys on the nearby islands

or watching people go by on their boats.

Wandering into your elegant home, each room stylishly arranged for maximum comfort, and marvel at the workmanship as you note that almost everything has been handmade locally.

Letting your cares float away as you relax in the breathtaking infinity pool. Escape to the hanging bed to read / take a siesta.

Gliding through the water as you explore other magical islands on your kayak.

Relaxing with a glass of wine as you watch the water shimmer as the sun sets behind the distant

volcano peaks.


Treating yourself to dinner under the stars with your own private chef * (available on request).


The only thing missing is you...

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