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Looking For a Unique Experience?

Step Ashore

An exclusive private island where you can leave your cares at the shores edge...


Exquisite, refined and exotic, a hidden gem in the lake promising luxurious simplicity, serenity and calm.

"This is island living at its best"

Naomi Smart, British Vogue.

Lake Nicaragua

Nestled amongst 364 other islands that were formed when the volcano Mombacho exploded some 20,000 years ago, this stunning, luxurious property enjoys the most spectacular views.


Over the years this archipelago in the NW corner of the second largest fresh water lake in all of Central and South America, has become a unique and lush wonderland with breathtakingly beautiful flora and

The lake can be swum from the beautifully positioned boating dock, which also can be the point for start of any invigorating kayaking trips.


"Your island is a fairy tale...

I love the country and I love your place.Thank you for the time."


Catherine Fairweather.

Travel Editor, Porter Magazine

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