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Silver Waters Kayak

On The Water

Take in the surrounding sights and sounds. El Coyol has its own kayaks, both singles and doubles to explore in.


We supply a pair of binoculars for those keen on bird watching or monkey spotting. Or, how about a gentle float on the lake in one of our pool inflatables (swimmers only!)?


Sip on a leisurely cocktail or two around the pool, watch the sun go down from the palapa. Or, how about trying a spot of fishing? Our caretaker can show you how to fish like a true Nica (harder than it looks)!

Image by Emil Diallo

Further Afield

Granada is our local city - a world heritage site full of beautiful colonial architecture. 


Explore the many churches and cathedrals that are dotted around this wonderful place. Try the  myriad of street food that is on offer, have a beer in one of the many bars and restaurants to taste the extraordinary range of diverse cuisine available. Or simply wander around and get a little lost.


When you get back to El Coyol, we can organise evening massages and morning yoga, or fitness sessions before you head out the next day to visit the volcanoes!

The Volcanoes

We are just so incredibly lucky to have 3 different examples of volcanoes within 30 minutes from Granada.


Firstly, and the closest is Mombacho, the reason that we have the 365 islands around the peninsula. She blew her top off some 20,000 years ago and spewed a vast amount of rock into the edge of the lake, forming the isletas.


Although she is thought of being extinct, she is in fact dormant due to the existence of fumaroles. The ride up to the summit that is an adventure in itself, and you will see coffee plantations on the way up to the cloud forest.


There are a couple of trails that vary in length and difficulty, and the views of Granada and islands (can you spot yours?) are spectacular. Try a little sloth spotting while you’re there.


There is a visitor centre that gives in depth information of the wide ranging flora and fauna that can be seen. You can even zip line your way down!

Image by Katya Austin
IMG_5704 copy.jpg

Apoyo Lagoon

Apoyo Lagoon which is a wide and extended crater in the form of an inverted cone.


This beautiful lake can be viewed from above in the town of Catarina, and we do suggest that you see it from here first and then go down to the waters edge and try the thermally heated mineral rich waters.


In close proximity to Caterina, there is a small village of San Juan del Oriente, famous for its striking pottery and handicraft stores which is an excellent stop off for a bit of souvenir retail therapy.

Masaya Volcano

One of the only two lava lakes in the world that are admissible to the public. The other one is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and requires a 12 hour hike to the top!


Masaya is unmissable! Best viewed after dark, and due to the sulphur fumes one can only have a relatively short visit there which the makes it ideal to dine in Granada on the way home, before a night time boat ride back to your private island home.


Volcano Surfing

There is a fourth volcano that is more suited for thrill seekers.Volcano Surfing!


The Cerro Negro is Nicaragua’s youngest volcano near the colonial city of León. It’s roughly an hour hike to the the top (super views) and then an exhilarating slide back down to the bottom. This does make for a longish day, however worth it for those of you who seek an adrenaline rush!


Thanks to the Trade Winds that blow from Lake Nicaragua and create the offshore breeze on the Pacific coast that makes Nicaragua a world class surfing destination.


The Pacific coast can be reached in just over 2 hours by car, so again very doable for a day trip.

Image by Antonio Piña

This is just a brief introduction of what there is to do, locally and a bit further afield. We can organise trips for you through our tried and tested local drivers and guides. We want you to have the best experience possible in this most amazing of countries, don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything we can help you with.

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